El nacimiento de un deporte: el pedestrarismo


  • Juan Carlos Fernández Truan Universidad Pablo de Olavide
  • David Rodríguez Rosell Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Palabras clave:

Historia del deporte, historia cultural, atletismo, deporte


This paper aims at the reconstruction of the historical events that occurred in a turbulent period in the history of our country, when a true sportsman of the time tried to present a nationwide sports practice created by him, intending to turn it into a new sport and how the events of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War prevented him from attending the Popular Olympiad in Barcelona, putting an end to his dream until its recovery in the 1970’s. This is another page of the particular stories, without which it would be impossible to understand and reconstruct the objective reality of the general history of sport. This study has been made possible by the location of original letters and documents, partially damaged, donated by the family of its creator and verified through a large number of interviews and archive references.